The true collaborative tools that were missing in filesharing!

file viewer

File Viewer

View hundreds of file types online.
No 3rd party software needed



Share the file with collegues and clients and collaborate adding annotations and color tagging.

file viewer

Precise Annotations

Highlight precise areas or points in documents and add annotations and document comments.

Zeenshare splash screen

Enjoyable collaboration starts now! Single user 2Gb free or Business 10Gb free

The viewer

‘Cause A Picture‘s
worth a 1000 words

Zeenshare viewer allow you to preview, in browser, hundreds of file types.
No 3rd party software required. No download needed!

This includes, but not limited to, the usual office type files (text, spreadsheets, presentations), images, design type files...


The text in context

Zeenshare allows for precise point and area annotations on the document preview.
Add to that some color tagging and you got productivity increase!

version annotations

...And comments

For everything else you want to say

But if want to refer to all the document you can too attach notes and thoughts as a general comment.

version annotations

Plus a massive array of features

To help you and YOUR company organize, store, and share files



Upload and organize your files. Simple Drag n’ Drop. All popular operation like move, delete, rename, available on the webapp.



Sync app available for Windows and Mac. Manage your documents like you are used to do: on desktop.

share safely


Full control on how and with who your files are shared. Full set of permission options for files, folders and users.



Because security and privacy are essential, Zeenshare uses strong 256-bit encryption. For added security user can generate their own secret key.


LDAP Authentication

Log in to Zeenshare with Active Directory / LDAP wich includes user management, single sign on, API security, sharing and much more.

All that, and also:
  • Endless History
  • Sequential versions
  • Print with annotations
  • Advanced folder and file permissions
  • User management
  • Group Workspaces
  • Customization
  • Powerfull API for enterprise integration
  • Choice of hosting location
  • Available for self hosting
  • AND WAY more

True collaborative storage! starts now! Single user 2Gb free or Business 10Gb free